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Infiniti Environmental

Infinitiís Industrial Cleaning Services.

Infinitiís Industrial Cleaning Service offers teams of qualified personnel properly trained in safe confined space entry and/or safe handling of solid and hazardous waste.

Trained operators and breathing equipment specialists with first aid and resuscitator knowledge manage industrial contaminates posing threats to human health and the environment with the utmost care and safety.

Infiniti, with the cooperation of its Alliance Partner, The Environmental Quality Company (EQ), provides vehicles and equipment to handle all cleaning and disposal requirements.

Our experienced teams take on steam and water blasting to remove grit, dirt, tacky paint deposits and contaminates of all kinds, including tank cleaning, renovation and repairs.

Infinitiís Remediation Planning.

Infinitiís Remediation Planning and Resource Management experts serve as on-site technical assistance teams in your remediation effort.

We take on responsibility for coordinating the various and special remediation projects, including sampling and final waste disposition, as well as, documentation and planning.

Infiniti, with the cooperation of its Alliance Partner, The Environmental Quality Company(EQ), provides highly experienced excavation, transportation, treatment and disposal of a large variety of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Infiniti works with EQ in the removal and disposal of all drums, tanks, bulk liquids, and contaminated soils, solvents and debris.

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